Our vission, mission, goal

Jonava district child care home (Orphanage):



To ensure the child’s welfare, aiming for positive socialization and integration into society while encouraging the expression of a full-fledged personality.



We accept and love each child such as it is. We create a cozy, warm, creative space – home close to family. Foster children are involved into the full range of activities, we create conditions for the mental and physical development, to take over the nation’s culture. We do help foster children to reveal human values ​​and base their lives on them, to prepare for an independent life, successful integration into society.



Ensure cared and temporary foster homes inhabited child care, education (teaching, training and education), social services and to create other suitable conditions and maintain an environment in which he could safely grow, develop and prepare for an independent life in society.



  • To create a safe, healthy and positive socialization environment, allowing foster children to meet the knowledge, education and self-expression needs.
  • Protect and enhance the foster children’s physical and mental health through professionals, household staff competences in providing assistance to emotional and behavioral disorders in children and children with special needs.
  • To implement individual social care plan (ISGP), to provide normal everyday living conditions and opportunities for full development of the child.
  • Prepare children for integration into society, taking into account each child’s individual needs and abilities, to teach foster children to plan and organize their work and leisure time, forming a healthy way of life.
  • To develop communication and cooperation, responsibility for their actions, deeds, working, help to grow other skills, prepare children for independent living.
  • To work with biological families, whose children live in foster homes, help the child to return to the family.
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